With Heart

WITH HEART – The Core Values of Jester House

Over the last couple of months Steve and I have been working with a business coach. It is exciting, challenging and daunting at times but above all it is focusing. We have a desire to make the Jester House experience as good as it can be and with the help of our coach we will achieve it. One of the topics we recently discussed were our core values. We knew what they were and even had them written down and then nicely tucked away in a drawer. We now have them proudly displayed in my office were I can refer to them easily, we have shared and worked on them with the staff and now I would like to share them with you.

Sharing them makes them stronger and commits us to delivering them everyday in every way and that brings us one step closer to providing you with the best Jester House experience that we can.

 Our core values  W I T H  H E A R T

Well being of staff – We value and encourage learning, feedback, coaching and mentoring.

Individual ownership – We take individual ownership of our customers’ needs and are accountable for delivering an emotionally delightful experience.

Teamwork – We have a supportive, co-operative workplace where customers and staff are all respected and that it is a both a safe and fun environment.

Hospitality – We depend on and enjoy our guests custom so they deserve the best possible service – timely, responsive, proactive, meeting or exceeding their expectations and aiming to delight.

Honesty – We are honest and open in all our dealings and maintain the highest level of integrity at all times.

Environmental Care – We appreciate and advocate for environmental awareness, care and responsibility both onsite and wider environs. We strive for maximum care and aim to have a positive impact.

Art and Humour – We support the local art community and integrate art and humour into all aspects of Jester House. Guest will be amazed, amused and intrigued.

Recognition – We recognise and reward each others contributions and efforts at every level.

Transperancy – We aim to live our values and communicate them clearly to ensure that they flow on to our staff,customers, suppliers and community.